I invite you to take a sneak peek into my pantry filled with my favorite nourishing staple foods. This page is dedicated to sharing what the ingredient is, how to use it, recipes, and of course the nutrition and health benefits of the ingredient. If you were to open up my kitchen pantry or fridge you’ll see dozens of glass mason jars and a fridge filled to the tops with some of my favorite foods I always have on hand to make healthy eating deliciously simple. Also, be sure you’re Organizing your Pantry like a Pro.

Simply click on the picture of the ingredient below and learn all about why I love keeping these foods stocked in my kitchen. Have a suggestion for another pantry item you’d like to see here in Nutrition Stripped’s pantry? Comment below with your ingredient suggestion and you may see it “on the shelf”.


Pantry lemon // Pantry kiwi // Pantry dates // Pantry raspberries // Pantry blueberries // Pantry bananas // Pantry avocados // Pantry grapefruit // Strawberries pantry, health benefits, nutrition facts fresh mulberries watermelon pantry Figs pantry, health benefits, nutrition factsCherries pantry, health benefits, nutrition facts


Pantry Sweet potatoes // Kale // Pantry beets // cucumber-pantry1 Pantry carrots // Broccoli, health benefits, nutrition facts Pantry Cauliflower // Pantry celery // Pantry mushrooms // Pantry red bell pepper // untitled (57 of 75)-Edit Romaine Lettuce | Spinach | Eggplant pantry, pantry, health benefits, nutrition facts Tomatoes pantry, health benefits, nutrition facts zucchini summer


Pantry goji berries // Pantry bee pollen // Pantry spirulina // Pantry maca // Pantry mulberries // Pantry nutritional yeast // Pantry cacao nibs // Pantry acai //


Pantry cashew // Pantry brazil nuts // Pantry almonds // Pantry walnuts //


Pantry pumpkin seeds // Pantry sesame seeds // Pantry chia seeds // Pantry hemp seeds // Pantry sunflower seeds // Pantry flax seed //


Pantry millet // Pantry quinoa // rice // Pantry Amaranth // oats //


lentils // Pantry lentils //


Pantry Garlic // Pantry turmeric // Pantry Ginger // Pantry cayenne //


Pantry coconut oil // Pantry olives //


Pantry coconut flour // Pantry almond flour //


honey-pantryPantry coconut sugar // Pantry stevia //