Sweet Omelette with Red Currants


Sweet Omelette with Red Currants | Nutrition Stripped

Omelettes were never much on my radar for breakfast, truthfully I’ve always enjoyed the whole “breakfast for dinner” theme for as long as I can remember, this recipe being no exception. You can of course enjoy this sweet omelette for breakfast since it’s a great combination of protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates; but I love this one for dessert or mid-morning snack. Blending farm fresh eggs with fresh fruits, honey, and coconut take this omelette to a whole new level of sweet, fluffy, and decadent without being incredibly calorie dense.

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10 Favorite Weekend Links + The Best PJ’s

Over the Weekend

pjs over the weekend

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great Valentine’s weekend. It’s been so cold here in Nashville, so we spent our weekend at home, cozied up on the couch, enjoying movies and plenty of hot chocolate. It was a much needed relaxing weekend and I’m excited for a new week ahead – full of cooking in the kitchen and finishing up my last recipes for the cookbook (whatttt!?). Today is a holiday for most of us, being that it’s Presidents Day, and even though I work for myself I still like to respect and set these as “holidays” for my work schedule as well. So today, I’m just sharing a quick post on what to read, do, and have a little fun online shopping on this day off…errr at least that’s what I find myself doing on days off.

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Valentines Day Gift Guide for Him

McKel's Favorites

Valentines Day Gift Guide

Well, we couldn’t leave out the important guys in our life, now could we? If you’re still on the hunt for a perfect present, look no further than this little guide! I’ve rounded up some of my favorites for men and hopefully some of these ideas will inspire you, so you can snag that last minute gift for your loved one or a friend! We’ve got some great coffee beans, top quality knives, handsome accessories, camping gear and so much more. So take a peek below to see if anything sparks your interest. If not, you can always spoil the guy in your life with a good home cooked meal – it never fails…trust me on this one.

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Interview with Amanda of Moon Juice


Photo via Moon Juice/Into The Gloss

When I first spotted Moon Juice on Instagram and researched what they were all about, I immediately was aching for a shop to open up here in Nashville- but I digress, I’ll have to keep my Moon Juice visits to when I go to Venice and LA! If there’s one juice shop that I’ve stumbled upon, Moon Juice is top of the line if not THE frontrunner and leader in the world of juicing. It’s a bold statement I know, but Amanda the founder of MJ, has as much passion and innovation behind the brand like no one else. She was a pleasure to interview and I hope you find her laid back and down to earth approach of healthy living and running a lucrative business, enjoyable. Everyone meet Amanda, founder/creator/innovator/juice lover of Moon Juice.

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Assorted Raw Chocolates, six ways


Assorted Raw Chocolates, 6 ways | Nutrition Stripped

I think it’s about time I introduce my secret (not so secret anymore), recipe for raw chocolates and how I get by holiday seasons like Valentine’s day without depriving myself whatsoever. These assorted raw chocolates come in 6 varieties including strawberry, key lime, original “white”, cocoa, and espresso- all equally delicious but can be taken up a notch simply by adding a creamy filling. I promise, you’re never going to look at a box of chocolates the same after today…

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