Cashew Lime Green Smoothie

Cashew Lime Green Smoothie Nutrition Stripped

I have a hunch this Cashew Lime Green Smoothie will be giving the Creamy Ginger Green Smoothie a run for second place after the ultimate queen, Stripped Green Smoothie. It tastes like the tropics even though it’s in the thick of winter here in Nashville, but perfect for all my Australia loves enjoying this on the beach. When I first made this, I literally sat back and said “wow”, it’s incredibly refreshing and light tasting from the lime, yet dense enough to keep you full with the fiber rich spinach, fresh herbs, dates, and mango. The cashews are the star ingredient grounding this smoothie and taking the texture to a whole other level of creaminess- sans any dairy!

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The Ultimate Tonic

Ultimate Mushroom Tonic | Nutrition Stripped

The Ultimate Tonic, something that you need to bookmark for future use, trust me it’ll come in handy on days where you’re in need a little boost for your immune system! The word tonic is a bold statement, I know. I call it a tonic because it is! It’s invigorating, somewhat medicinal from the nutrients and compounds found from the mushrooms and other ingredients I use, and hopefully restorative to your health in the sense of when you’re feeling sick, sluggish, or simply want to keep your internal being nourished- a year round tonic for me.

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Turmeric Tea

Turmeric Tea, Nutrition Stripped

Today I’m bringing you all a variation of my famous Turmeric Milk, which I call famous for good reason. My Turmeric Milk has taken international storm and I LOVE how much you’ve all been enjoying it for a boost in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits all while tasting delicious. Today, using similar concepts behind Turmeric Milk, is a lighter more refreshing version I call Turmeric Tea. It’s a simple herbal tea made with water, aromatic and warming spices, honey, and of course the star ingredient turmeric. The flavor is slightly sweet, earthy, with a hint of spice and even though I enjoy this year round, I find it even more enjoyable in the cooler months of the year.

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Carrot Apple Blended Juice

Carrot Apple Blended Juice | Nutrition Stripped, carrots, apple, ginger, kitchenI officially welcome fall when the chill in the air sticks and leaves start to turn bright orange, red and brown and fall in the wind; and when apples become my go-to fruit. Normally my body craves, like most of you, warming food  in the fall and winter that comforts from the inside out, but I also like to stick to my roots and consume a lot of raw veggies as much as possible. Carrot Apple Blended Juice is my cheers to fall- a fresh juice highlighting my favorite fall fruit, apples with carrots…and no, not pumpkin (ha!). Actually, I’m probably doing the opposite of everyone else celebrating fall since it doesn’t involve pumpkin and it’s completely raw. Juices and smoothies embody the concept of simple food, what I’m all about. Take this juice for example, there are less than 3 ingredients, yet it tastes amazing and is simple to make.

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Green Tart Smoothie

Green Tart Smoothie | Nutrition Stripped, green smoothie, low sugar green smoothie

First and foremost, Happy Halloween! Today I’m sharing the polar opposite recipe that you may expect from a food blog on Halloween, a Green Tart Smoothie. I’m doing this for a couple reasons, 1) Nutrition Stripped just isn’t a “food” blog it’s all about that whole food lifestyle I’m always talking about!; 2) I think we’ll encounter enough sugar today so need for me to put out a high sugar recipe; and 3) this smoothie is just awesome and my new favorite- ladies this one is especially for you. The Green Tart Smoothie is loaded with mineralizing greens, low sugar fruits, and plant-based proteins coming from spirulina or chlorella, and even amino acid and B vitamin rich bee pollen. I promise, after drinking this smoothie you won’t have a sugar crash like most do when eating handfuls of candies and your skin and digestion will thank you so much for it.

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