Skillet Chocolate Cornmeal Cake, for Two


Single Serving Chocolate Polenta Cake  | Nutrition Stripped

Last week on Instagram I shared a sneak peek of a recipe that I “accidentally” created in my kitchen- it turned out so great that I told ya’ll I was going to save it for my cookbook (coming out in early 2016!), BUT I had such an overwhelming response from you all aching to get the recipe now, that I thought I’d share it! Lucky lucky you. So here’s a recipe from the cookbook…and not just any ole’ recipe, it’s a chocolate cornmeal cake for two…or for one really hungry person.

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Sweet Omelette with Red Currants


Sweet Omelette with Red Currants | Nutrition Stripped

Omelettes were never much on my radar for breakfast, truthfully I’ve always enjoyed the whole “breakfast for dinner” theme for as long as I can remember, this recipe being no exception. You can of course enjoy this sweet omelette for breakfast since it’s a great combination of protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates; but I love this one for dessert or mid-morning snack. Blending farm fresh eggs with fresh fruits, honey, and coconut take this omelette to a whole new level of sweet, fluffy, and decadent without being incredibly calorie dense.

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Assorted Raw Chocolates, six ways


Assorted Raw Chocolates, 6 ways | Nutrition Stripped

I think it’s about time I introduce my secret (not so secret anymore), recipe for raw chocolates and how I get by holiday seasons like Valentine’s day without depriving myself whatsoever. These assorted raw chocolates come in 6 varieties including strawberry, key lime, original “white”, cocoa, and espresso- all equally delicious but can be taken up a notch simply by adding a creamy filling. I promise, you’re never going to look at a box of chocolates the same after today…

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Beetroot Coconut Sugar Cookies

Beetroot Coconut Sugar Cookies Nutrition Stripped

I took a quick poll on the Nutrition Stripped Facebook page last week asking about your favorite holiday cookies that you’d like to see a healthy remake of and the largest request was about sugar cookies! Not surprising though since sugar cookies are THE classic holiday cookie especially around this time of year when cookie swaps and cookie decorating is a part time activity. Beetroot Coconut Sugar Cookies involve one of my favorite root vegetables, beets, coupled with gluten free flours, coconut oil, and some other goodies. And they can be made vegan friendly too, bonus.

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Pear Apple & Pistachio Crumble

Pear Apple Pistachio Crumble Nutrition Stripped, cooking video
 Christmas is just around the corner and I’m sure you’ve also seen amazing and delicious pumpkin pies, fruit pies, or their variants pop up on food blogs and recipe blogs, I was also tempted to create my own. Instead, I wanted to focus my attention on the not as popular seasonal fruit, the apple! As I mentioned in my “welcome to fall” recipe the Carrot Apple Blended Juice, I love using apples in the cooler months of the year. This Pear Apple & Pistachio Crumble is a wonderful sweet dessert and pumpkin pie alternative to bring to the holiday table this year. Not to mention it’s gluten free and vegan friendly- a win win if you’re trying to please all lifestyles this season.

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