Pesto Green Eggs & Avocado Toast


Pesto Green Eggs with Avocado Toast | Nutrition Stripped

Yesterday, was one of my favorite days. It was Dr. Seuss’s birthday! I know, I know this is a totally random “favorite” day to have, but ever since I was a kid I adored every single Dr. Seuss book to the extent that I would re-read the same book over and over again- Green Eggs and Ham being one of my favorites from the bunch. I thought it would be a fun tribute to one of my favorite childhood authors by creating a completely Nutrition Stripped approved “green eggs and no ham” type of recipe completely inspired by the whackiness that is the concept, green eggs. To this day, I’ll never know or understand why Dr. Seuss’s eggs were green nor do I want to know how they got to be that off color; all I know is that I’m making my green eggs with delicious basil pesto with a side of avocado toast- all greens.

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Bolthouse Farms #urwhatupost

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Happy Monday everyone! I’m glad to see the site back up and working full blast- we figured out the issue- it crashed because of traffic!!! What a crazy/awesome “problem” to have, I can’t believe how many of you out there are stopping by to read my blog, I’m truly grateful. Anyways, today I wanted to pop in and share this really cool campaign that I thought you’d all love, especially those of you who love using Instagram- one of my favorite social media outlets. Bolthouse Farms and I have teamed up to do a fun Instagram takeover, where I share quite the opposite of what most of us think as #foodporn. HEALTHY #foodporn in their #urwhatupost campaign. It’s really simple, post your favorite healthy whole foods, fruits and veggies and start using the hashtag #urwhatupost! Let’s take back the word and perception of #foodporn and make it healthy.


*Beyonce will show you

You’re all very familiar with my food philosophy here on Nutrition Stripped- it’s all about eating and enjoying real food from the earth. Whole foods are loaded with everything our bodies need, from carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, phytonutrients, anti-inflammatory compounds, and more. Not to mention these are the foods our bodies were meant to live and thrive on, not the processed foods that fill up most of the shelves in grocery stores.

Why start sharing more healthy #foodporn? We’re constantly bombarded with food commercials on TV, in magazines, and in the media in general all promoting processed foods even those aimed at being “healthy” or all “natural”. When is the last time we’ve seen an entire commercial or advertisement to support and promote an apple, carrot, or kale in it’s whole food form? I can’t recall! That’s why this campaign is something I can totally get behind and engage in, post about, and actually find some inspiration from others using the hashtag. So now I turn it over to you all, let’s start this movement by using the #urwhatupost hashtag and start encouraging and supporting others to show off more whole foods, ones that are not only delicious but truly nourishing to our bodies! Follow along on my Instagram this week as I share some of my favorite fruits and veggies. Let’s see yours!

xx McKel

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Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post, meaning I was compensated for this post, my opinions of Bolthouse Farms and their campaign are 100% of my own- I only share the best of the best that I truly enjoy and would find beneficial to you all as well!

Skillet Chocolate Cornmeal Cake, for Two


Single Serving Chocolate Polenta Cake  | Nutrition Stripped

Last week on Instagram I shared a sneak peek of a recipe that I “accidentally” created in my kitchen- it turned out so great that I told ya’ll I was going to save it for my cookbook (coming out in early 2016!), BUT I had such an overwhelming response from you all aching to get the recipe now, that I thought I’d share it! Lucky lucky you. So here’s a recipe from the cookbook…and not just any ole’ recipe, it’s a chocolate cornmeal cake for two…or for one really hungry person.

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Local Maker Emily of Consider the Wldflwrs

guide to nashville


In my Guide to Nashville series, I’ll be sharing with you not only my favorite places to visit to eat, but also places to go, people to visit, and to truly get a sense of what Nashville is through my eyes- a booming creative community saturated (in the best way possible) with creative thinkers, small business minds, goal diggers, and overall inspiring people when it comes to turning your passion into a career and letting that lead your daily life.

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Jar Meals to-go, three ways


Jar Meals to-go, three ways | Nutrition Stripped

One of the biggest challenges I hear from clients is the time it takes to prepare healthy meals on the go for a busy work week ahead of them. Today I’m sharing 3 quick recipes to make in one jar, toss it in your bag, and call it a day! A delicious Blueberry Coconut Overnight Oats breakfast, a Maple Banana Granola seed snack with almond milk, and a Simple Green Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette, all made in 1 jar with 1 lid (Cuppow BNTO) and ready for you when you’re out on the go, no spills, no fuss!

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